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We have entered into a strategic partnership with Qi Coin® to administer the issue of The world’s first Initial Loan Offering (ILO) with their innovative cryptocurrency Qi Coin® (QIC). You can also access information on NFTs they have released.

Qi Coin ILO Qi Coin Initial Qi Offering CLBILS

Qi Coin® Loan Scheme Initial Loan Offereing (ILO) (Unsecured)

Qi Coin® Loan Scheme Initial Loan Offering (ILO) (Secured)

Qi Coin® Initial Qi Offering (IQO)

Qi Coin® NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens)

    Qi 3,000 (£1,080) to      Qi 99,000 (£99,000)

 - You must already be holding at least Qi 275

 - Only available to UK Limited Companies..

 - Term loan from  12 months to 36 months.

 - Interest Only and Principal and Interest InterestOptions available.

Qi 275,000 (£99,000) to Qi 900,000 (£324,000)

 - UK Limited Companies Only.

 - Additional Security Required which can be taken in the form of UK property, Listed shares or even other currencies.

Larger sums are available to institutional holders.

Up to Qi 7.9 billion


 - From Qi 60 (£21.60)

 - Will accept GBP, USD and other FIAT currencies and Cryptocurrencies,


 - The currency is issued in blocks of Qi 60 currently priced at £21.60 per block.

Become a leader in

The Qi Revolution

 - This is an Innovative way to fund the Qi Coin® project. Qi Coin® will release from time to time unique NFTs for sale.

 - The sale proceeds will be utilised to fund the development of Qi Coin’s revolutionary project.






To be eligibile to apply for this Initial Loan Offering you must already be holding a minimum of Qi 275 (£99 sterling equivalent). Please note that any Qi Loan applications we process will have to pass through our KYC, AML, CFT and PEP process. Newly formed companies are eligible for these loans and the whole process from start to finish is paperless. We aim to complete the process and to credit the loan funds within 3 business days (72 hours).  You can purchase Qi Coin® buy clicking on the Initial Qi Offering  Tab above.

Qi Coin (QIC)

Universal Private Capital PLC have entered into a strategic partnership with Qi Coin® to administer their Initial Loan Offering (ILO) and Initial Qi Offering (IQO).

Qi Coin the innovative digital currency, Qi Coin - disrupt monetarism, Qi Coin - The future of money, Qi Coin - democratise the financial and banking system.