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Universal Private Capital PLC, Bentinck House, 3-8 Bolsover Street, London, W1W 6AB. Universal Private Capital PLC, Registered in England and Wales under Reg. No: 11689552.  is part of a group consisting of, Universal Private Equity Limited, Registered No: 09407134, Qi Coin Limited, Registered No: 13473432, The Academy of Trading Limited Registered. No: 11685348. Universal Private Capital PLC is registered under the Data Protection Act under reference ZA618232. Calls may be monitored and recorded in order to help us to improve our quality of service.

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 0207 1758999

Qi Coin® Initial Loan Offering (ILO) (up to Qi 275,000 - £99,000)


Only available to UK Companies

Company can be newly incorporated or an SPV

All Loans are administered by Universal Private Capital PLC (one of our strategic partners)

Must already own Qi 275 at issue price (currently £99)

No Credit Checks conducted

Unsecured up to Qi 275,000 (£99,000)

Completely paperless process

KYC, AML and CFT still required

Director’s personal guarantee required

Floating charge over the company assets required

Very low interest rate of 3.6%

Minimum Loan Qi 3,000 (£1,080)

Maximum Loan Qi 900,000 (£324,000)

Administration/application fee of Qi 208.33 (£75)

Early redemption fees of Qi 250 (£90) - Qi 41,667 (£15,000)

Payments must be made by continuous card authority unless alternative arrangements are made.

When loan is fully repaid we will provide you with the private key of the cryptocurrency wallet address that it was credited to which will allow you to do as you wish with the currency.

We will accept payment in BNB, ETH, BTC, GBP, USD, EUR to redeem the Loan.