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Qi Coin® Initial Qi Offering (IQO) (From Qi 60 to Qi 275,000 - £99,000)

We are issuing our cryptocurrency with a strict limit of 9 billion Qi Coins (QIC), which can never be increased. These coins will be issued through conducting an Initial Qi Offering and and Initial Loan Offering. Qi Coin® has been developed to run natively on the Binance Smart Chain (blockchain) under the BEP20 protocol. (This is completely compatible with the ERC20 protocol). Once issued no one central authority will have control over Qi Coin® and it is impossible to make any changes to how it operates. This is one of the main benefits of DeFi (Decentralized Finance).


81% has been allocated to the IQO/ILO

10% has been allocated to the Founding Team

09% has been allocated to Angel Investors.

Initial Qi Offering

The IQO can be conducted and settled in GBP, USD, EUR, BTC, ETH and BNB on multiple platforms. Click the links below to obtain detailed information on our Initial Qi Offering and Initial Loan Offering:

To Acquire some Qi Coin® Now through this IQO       CLICK HERE TO APPLY

IQO/ILO Schedule

​All times stated below are Universal Time Coordinated, UTC +1 hours

​06/06/20 Confirmed start of the Qi Coin project

09/06/21 Initial draft white paper completed and circulated to angel investors.

04/07/21 Cryptocurrency created and deployed onto the Binance Smart Chain.

19/07/21 Announce Qi Coin IQO/ILO plan and release the White Paper to the general public.

22/02/22 Initial Qi Offering (IQO) and Initial Loan Offering (ILO) commences.

23/02/22 Qi Coin® goes live for trading.

21/02/23 IQO/ILO finishes whenever coins are fully issued via exchanges or private placements and/or when our ILO thresholds have been met.

​IQO/ILO will commence from 9am Feb 22nd 2022. Investors can purchase and/or borrow Qi Coins on a first come first served basis until 7,290,000,000 (seven billion two hundred and ninety million) Qi Coins are in circulation. When a block of 27,000,000 Qi Coins has been issued, whether exchanged or loaned out, the price will increase in accordance with the level of demand. We have estimated that this should be an increase of no more than 6% per 27,000,000 Qi block issued.

You will receive Qi Coins within 3 working days after the IQO order is made and the orders must be made within the time window. i.e., 22/02/2022 - 21/02/2022.

Current IQO Price: GBP 0.36 for Qi 1

​Note that on financial and Crypto Exchanges the price quoted may differ from our issue price as this is a reflection of pre issue speculation and activity. To view Qi Coin's current trading value on a Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange  CLICK HERE


To be eligible for this IQO you must make sure that you are in adherence with your local laws and regulations. When you make the order you are confirming that you agree to this. You then have to follow the following process:

Decide how much Qi Coin you require and you will be directed to a secure payment gateway where you exchange your fiat for it.

The minimum amount you can acquire through this IQO is Qi 60 (£21.60) and we issue the currency in blocks of Qi 60 for 21.60 per block. So if you decided that you wanted to acquire Qi 600 you would pay £21.60 x10 which equals £216 and this can be paid via PayPal.

If you require less than Qi 60 then you can acquire them from a Financial/Cryptocurrency Exchange. To use one of our preferred exchanges CLICK HERE

Note that on Financial and Cryptocurrency Exchanges the price quoted may differ from our issue price as this is a reflection of pre issue speculation and activity. CLICK HERE to view Qi Coin's current trading value on a Trading Exchange.

If you are exchanging from a currency other than British pounds then you will be subject to any exchange rate fluctuations at the time of the exchange.

When the payment is authorised you will be directed to a confirmation page with a short form for you to complete.

When completing the form enter your name, (Which must match the name the payment was made in).

Note: If it was a gift for someone else then enter your name as the purchaser and their name in the additional information field.


Enter the public address for your Cryptocurrency wallet. Please ensure that you check and double check that this information is correct as this is the address we will deposit the Cryptocurrency into. (If the details are incorrect then the cryptocurrency could be lost).

You must ensure that your address can accept tokens from the Binance Smart Chain (BEP 20) Tokens. If you have any doubt then click here for instructions on how to add it to the two most popular wallets, Metamask and Trustwallet.

Once you have provided us with your public address we will deposit the Cryptocurrency you have ordered. This will be done within 3 business days of your order being made and us receiving your cryptocurrency wallet address.

There are no additional fees that you will have to pay to take part in this IQO.

Note: As soon as you are holding at least Qi 275 you are eligible to apply for our unique Initial Loan Offering (ILO).